14 Nov

Crazy how time passes. Sometimes it feels as if you’re standing in rapids, trying your best to hold on for dear life while at other times it’s as if you’re stuck in an empty room trying desperately to get the clock to move. It’s worst when you await some sort of reply.

In a sense I sit and wait now. It’s crazy how that plays tricks on the mind. Time seems to be standing still, and my life with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still having a blasty blast. I still have a lot of fun with friends and family. But I await his reply. A hint or otherwise. But I don’t think I’ll get one. He moves at a glacier speed. And my patience is running low. I don’t have time to waste, not on him anyway.

He didn’t play his cards right. None of them do. Maybe I should play this game to the end, see just how far I can push myself. Push him. See how great my love for him is. Can it overcome all obstacles or am I fooling myself? Is he fooling me yet again? However we do this, this time around, one thing is certain – it’s a losing game for me.

I just miss him. That’s all. When he’s not with me, I miss him. And when he’s right near me I want to climb in under his skin just to be with him at all times. To breathe the same air and feel his soft skin. But I can’t possibly do that, so I do the next best thing – enjoy his presence whenever I get a chance to. And whenever we part I love him just that much more.

But I guess that’s life for you…


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Posted by on November 14, 2011 in Scattergories


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